Adventures. Words. Images.

I'm an adventurer, writer, and story teller.  Fueled by my personal mantra––the Earth is cool––I have dedicated my life to exploring as much of it as I can. With more than 1,000 published pieces, my work has appeared in Overland Journal, Expedition Portal,, Adventure Journal,, Conde Nast Traveler, Nepali Times,,, UpShift Online, Overland Magazine UK, 5280 Magazine, just to mention a few. My imagery has been included in catalogs and promotional campaigns for MSR, REI,  Salsa Cycles, Sea to Summit, James Baroud, Bedrock Bags, and many others.

And it all starts by getting off the couch and into the big wide world.

The Next Big Thing - CLEAN DRINK

In April I packed a bag, kissed my wife goodbye, and headed out the door on a five-week adventure. Unlike most of my escapes, this was not a work gig. Not really. This was something I just had to do. Call it a midlife crisis or maybe a long overdue reckoning of a life spent indulging in––me––but it needed to be done. 

With help from MSR Global Health I went to Nepal to deliver water purification systems to remote villages and schools. To be sure, I am not the first to do so. Millions of people walk the path philanthropic. It is just not one I have ever tread. But I did it. And now I'm hooked.


What started out as a journey I had to undertake has turned into a thing I want everyone to do. It appears my life's work may have landed in my lap. Only two weeks after returning from Nepal I launched a non-profit organization. Clean Drink started as my thing, but it now belongs to a growing community of do-gooders. Check it out. Get involved. It will make you feel good.


Paper Chasing

It's been a busy few years. In my pursuit of long-form story telling I have been fortunate to have several full-featured articles published in magazines in three countries in two languages. I don't really consider myself a motorcycle journalist, but that sure seems to be my editorial beat, at least in print. 

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