Join me and MSR Global Health to Benefit Nepalese Schools and Rural Communities


In the spring of 2017 I had the unique oportunity to visit the MSR water science lab in Seattle. Best known for their industry-leading water filtration systems for backcountry recreation, few people are aware of the brand's efforts to better the world through clean drinking water. The MSR lab is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind. Their SE200 Community Chlorine Maker is their latest innovation capable of profiving safe drinking water to hundreds of people for fractions of a penny––per use.

In November I traveled with MSR Global Health to Guatemala to see firsthand how their systems have been integrated into rural schools and communities. Read that story [Here]. It's been a life-changing technology for many people throughout the world.

As a journalist, my focus has always been covering far-flugn destinations and the people I meet along the way. My travels to report on the recovery efforts of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal forever changed my life and my ethos as a traveler. I feel all of us have an oblicationg to make the world a better place if we have the means to do so. But, we have to pool our resources to make the greatest impact.


In April I will return to Nepal to help hand-deliver ten MSR Community Chlorine makers to remote villages and schools throughout the Kathmandu Valley. I will collaborate with several philanthropic organizations including Camp Hope and Portal Bikes, two projects aimed at bettering the lives of those in the Kathmandu Valley. Extra water treatment devices will be held in reserve in the event of future natural disasters.

My partnership with MSR Global Health has the potential to provide up to 2,000 Nepalese with safe water, but my impact extends beyond the distribution of water treatment systems. As a writer and photographer, my greatest constribution to the program is the gathering of stories and photographs to help propel the project to the next level. MSR is supplying the water systems, but the expenses on the ground are limited to my personal funds.

If you would like to learn more about MSR Global Health, the beautiful people of Nepal, and how you can get involved, let me know. The more funds we gather, the more good we can all do for the people of Nepal, and for the millions of other residents of the world without access to safe water.

Please contact me with questions at:

If you want to make a donation to help distribute MSR Community Clorine Makers, PayPal funds can be sent to: